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good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday, i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith. the wait is almost over for the playoff game two hours away. fans are already filling into the ballpark to watch one of the biggest sporting events in d.c. this year or ever, for that matter. game three of the division series, we played two in your house. now welcome to ours. the first post game played in the district in eight decades.
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melissa mollet is there. they have to be pumped. >> reporter: they are so excited. they could not be bitten by the nats bug like today. people are filing in, going to grab a hot dog and maybe a beer. the 79 year wait is going to be over and baseball will have officially returned to washington. >> go nats, number one, number one, going all the way. >> reporter: outside the stadium, fans pumped. balloons going up, a blur of red and white, fingers up and hopes high that this year is the year for washington. >> i think they areoing to go all the way. this is a special team. >> reporter: take a look at this time lapse, fans waiting for a limited number of tickets released this morning for a sold-out game. playing hooky today?
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>> a little. i make sure the work is done. >> reporter: fans geared up, red glasses and all. bob elliott has been in line since 5:30 this morning waiting for the ticket booth to open. >> i'm going to get standing room tickets. gotta be here. >> reporter: they wrote a song for the team. ♪ >> reporter: a nats national anthem. >> i smell a world series coming on. >> reporter: as washington prepares for game three against st. louis, these pups are donning jerseys, dressing for the first playoff game in 79 years. this fan is prepping and primping. she has a nats man cure. yes, a nats, man cure. >> since we clinched, i do this every night so it stays fresh. >> hottest ticket in town. >> reporter: take a look at this
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little fan. isn't she adorable? the last time a baseball team was in the playoffs at home, a gallon of gas cost ten cents. a new car cost $445. the tickets are going for that much today. melissa mollet, news 4. >> it was well worth the weight. the key is to come happy and leave happier today. >> oh, yes. >> you should know that several streets around nationals park are already closed. if you are heading to the game, metro is running extra trains to get you to the ballpark. traffic control officers are making sure fans get in out of the ballpark safely. bikely may be the easiest way to get there. nationals park offers a free bicycle valet service. we'll have complete coverage of the game.
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we want to hear from you. send your photos to you can find information on double the pleasure of double the fun. the nats will take a 2-1 series lead tonight and the os tonight. the team split the first two games in baltimore. the rest of the series will be play in new york. first pitch just after 7:30 tonight. >> what kind of weather will it be? >> is it a nice day for a national attraction in storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson in for tom kierein with the first 4 forecast. >> it's a great day for playing ball. let me tell you why. the last couple of days more clouds than sunshine. today, more sunshine than clouds. there's going to be streaming through at times but we are getting good doses of full
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sunshine in here throughout the afternoon. it's helping the temperatures to make their way up. yesterday, the temperature topped out at 64 degrees. today, we are going for almost ten degrees higher. take a look at the satellite and radar review right now. you can see, there we go, the holes in the clouds. the clouds breaking up with a few streaming back in around front royal and frederick. quite a bis of sunshine and temperatures are warming according toly from the 50 z to the mid-60s. fredericksburg under all that sunshine. 65 right now, 66 in d.c. we are looking for a very nice day. around the noon hour, we are holding in the low and mid 60s. more sun than clouds. it's going to feel nice. look at the game time forecast and what the rest of the work is looking like in a few minutes. >> thank you. we are going see a lot of game day traffic. let's check in and see if the
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trouble spots have started. danella sealock, which way do we want to go and which way do we not want to go? >> we have other problems. near nats stadium, a lot of road closures. other issues, taking vw parkway, an accident there was blocking the right lane. it looks like it's moved to the shoulder. it's really jammed. as you make your way from the beltway, you are slowed at 23 miles per hour. 66, as you head eastbound, not bad. a disabled truck is in the right shoulder lane. clear to the belt way. back to you. >> thank you. metro officials unveiled a full scale model of the rail car that goes into service next year. they paid for 350 new cars. right now, reporters are getting a closer look at the l.e.d. screens and safety features.
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ad dam is at today's unveiling and will have more at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. metro is blaming stolen electronics for a spike in crime reports. crime is up almost 7% between january and now. that's compared to the same period of last year. 79% of cases involve property damage, car break-ins, thefts and arson. the other include robbery, assault, rape and homicide. anacostia had the highest number, 113 crimes more than double any other station followed by college park and gallery place stations. a former campaign aid to mayor gray is sentenced on corruption charges. brooks lied to the fbi about funneling money to sulemon
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brown. several prosecutors say they expect brook to be sentenced to probation, avoiding jail time because he's provided substantial information to their investigation. he's a former aid to mayor gray who pleaded guilty. kwame brown is under strict rules until he's sentenced next month. a judge issued him a curfew. he must check in personally to court every week. he failed to check in with authorities by phone three times. the chairman must follow the rules to stay out of prison. eight minutes after 11:00. u.s. troops on the move. what u.s. lawmakers want to know about security in libya a month after the attacks. safety concerns. will your air bag work in case of emergency? why transportation officials
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a congressional committee will hold a meeting in less than an hour to discuss the deadly attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. security missteps by the u.s. state department. ambassador chris stephens and three others were killed in that attack. witnesses will testify before the house oversight committee. he's expected to deny reports they requested additional security in the weeks before the attacks. the man believed to be behind the anti-muslim film that sparked riots is due in court. a judge will decide if he should be sent back to prison for violating probation. he was convicted of bank fraud in 2010. he was caught lying to his
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probation officers and using aliases. officials say he used one alias to produce the film, "innocence of muslims." it's responsible for dozens of protests across the middle east. we just learned the u.s. is sending troops to the jordan border in case violence spills over in syria. it could spread beyond syria as tensions rise especially with turkey. leon panetta made the announcement in brussels this morning. the u.s. will offer humanitarian aid to refugees entering jordan and monitor use of chemical and biological use of weapons in syria. mitt romney is making gains since the debate of last week. a new poll has him leading 49% to 47%. president obama leads a separate
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poll with registered voters. stuff that keeps coming up, no republican has won an election without winning ohio. >> it's me, big bird. >> big, yellow, a menace to our economy. >> the producers of "sesame street" are not happy with this. the workshop wants president obama to stop running it now. the ad mocks romney in last week's debate when he vowed to end public funding for broadcasting. they are a nonpartisan, nonprofit and don't get involved in politics. they are reviewing the concerns. people are gathering outside the supreme court for a rally. the nine justices are hearing the case. fisher says she was denied admission to the university of texas in 2008 because she is white. they said she fell outside the top 10% of her class.
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a decision is not expected until next year. history in outer space. the first mission space x dragon docked with the international space station earlier this morning. the ship is carries 1,000 pounds of supplies for the astronauts on the space station. this is the first of a dozen trips the space x dragon will make. it will return to earth in october with scientific equipment and other gear. veronica johnson joins us now. >> she's got that natitude. >> yeah, she's got the red on. >> i think i'm going to keep it up all week. hopefully it will work this evening. hey, we just talked about the international space station, dragon 2. with a clear sky tonight, we'll be able to see it. i'm going to talk about the past times in a couple minutes. as far as this morning goes, you were up early, the fog. look at that. this is silver spring, maryland.
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just casually, the deer crossing the road before the car, thank goodness. the fog is lifting there. the rays of sunshine coming through the tree. >> is that another one? >> no, just the video playing back. >> it is. okay. well, timing is everything. one before the car, the other after it. there was another one, too, coming out. we have a partly sunny sky right now. we are talking about a lot of people going to the game and a lot of people not going to the game. this is going to be the kind of day where you want to get outside. it's so nasty and gray the last couple days. sunshine today. get out and take a couple deep breaths and enjoy the fact it's going to be warmer. 66 degrees right now at reagan national throughout the area. we are in the 50s to 60s. depends on where you are with the cloud cover. 57 in gaithersburg. montgomery county, fairfax, 66
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here, 65 in annapolis, maryland. 65 down south where they have a lot of sunshine in fredericksburg, virginia. clearing skies we had earlier today. we have clouds that are filling back in. just a few. again, good chunks of sunshine. as far as rain goes, with this weather front that is westf it's going to be drying up as it makes its way to the east. i think what we are going to see with the front is temperatures dropping off again tonight. the front coming through here about 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. overnight, we are back to cold. as the front makes its way through, it's going to turn breezy. tomorrow morning, a light wind. it allows the temperatures to drop off. 30s to 40s starting out again tomorrow. back to chilly. but chilly sunshine for thursday. friday, look at that. yet another front. this is an active pattern. we get the fronts moving through. they are fairly dry as they move through. temperatures behind the latest
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front in the 40s. for tomorrow, we'll see high temperatures back in the 60s. back to feeling like november around the area. nice for us. breezy, 69 to 73 degrees for the afternoon. mostly sunny to partly sunny day. a few clouds this evening. 52 to 59 degrees. we are back to jacket weather. if you are going to the game or going to be out late this evening, you are going to need a jacket or a sweatshirt. here we go with the four-day forecast. today, 72. if you want to get back into the 70s, we have to wait for the second half of the weekend and early part of next week. we'll talk about that if n a couple minutes. we are going to be dry. not seeing rain for the next couple days. >> i saw you earlier. you had on that big coat. >> what can i say? >> glad you could take it off. that's a beautiful dress. >> thank you. >> let's check out the midday traffic to see how things are moving around the ballpark there.
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>> danella, what can you tell us? >> don't do it. take metro. i went to the last game, it was terrible. metro, not seeing any delays. i think it's going to be your best route. avoid the roads. 295. dw parkway in maryland has an earlier crash around college park. it's gone. out of the roadway. still seeing delays from the beltway. a bit sluggish as you can't southbound. heading to the beltway, outer loop and inner loop nice and clear. no issues to report. here is a live look at university boulevard. travel lanes are open here. barbara and keith, back to you. >> thank you, danella. it's 19 minutes after 11:00. still ahead, how to make the perfect baklava. how you can taste more favorites. >> plus, we introduce you to a mom who says enough is enough. what that meant for your family and home sweet home.
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>> first, here is a look at what's hot on let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs
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when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china, and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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the mediterranean dessert, baklava dates back to the eighth senturely made be phillo dough and it's homemade. welcome. good to see you. >> thank you for having us. >> getting ready for the big festival you have every year. taste of ar mania. this is one of the favorites people get to taste there and you brought us a sample. but, you are going to show us how to make it. >> thank you. >> first you want to start with the phyllo dough.
11:24 am
use number four. >> that's the thickness. >> exactly. >> what is next? >> you have to start ahead by preparing a simple syrup. here, we have two cups of sugar, one cup of water and half juice of a lemon. >> brown sugar? >> no, regular granulated sugar with your water. half of a lemon for the juice. you let that simmer. >> okay. >> that's the syrup. you need that at the end. then you create your nut mixture, which you will do with walnuts, cinnamon and sugar. they need to be done ahead of time. fillo can dry quickly. once you have the syrup done and nuts ready, start to assemble. butter the bottom of the baking
11:25 am
pan. the sides to to keep it from sticking. start assembling. take one sheet of dough and put it on the pan. >> i thought that was paper. >> if it rips, don't worry about it. you can patch it up. no worries there. really only the top layer needs to be rip free. butter that. you are going to continue to layer. >> how many layers? >> in the bottom about six to ten. >> okay. >> once you have six to ten of those, then you start adding -- >> you can add the nut mixture. we are going switch our trays here. we have one semi-prepared. >> all right. >> you are going to take the nut mixture and sprinkle it over. walnuts, cinnamon and sugar. you need about a pound of
11:26 am
walnuts. you can see they are a course chop, not too, too fine. >> how many layers of this with the interior? >> what you do then is layer two more sheets over top, again, buttering in between. do that a total of six times. >> let's see what it looks like when it's all ready. >> after it's all assembled, you will pop it in the refrigerator. it's tough to cut when it's warm. you have buttered the top, then cut it. cut it before you cook it. >> how long do you cook it? >> 30 minutes. >> it comes out looking like that. >> wow. >> this is the finished product. we have put the simple syrup over top after it's been baked. be careful. if you have a hot pastry, you don't want hop syrup. it has to be opposite. if this is hot, this is cool. >> look at the fabulous things
11:27 am
you are going to have at the festival. beautiful foods. we have had a taes of them over the years. let's tell folks where they can taste this. it will take place thursday through saturday at soorp khatch armenian church. >> it's the 11th, 12th and 13th. we start at 11:00 in the morning to 10:00 in the evening. we are at the intersection of western and river. >> thank you so much for coming. i can't wait to taste this. >> thank you very much. please come. >> 11:27 is the time. coming up, news 4 midday, a warning from the department of transportation. what you need to know about hundreds of thousands of counterfeit air bags on the market. plus, how much sun will we see today and will it stick around? veronica johnson is back with a
11:28 am
weather update. look at that. stars of a show playing now here in washington. the production is at ford theater. we'll tell you about that. it's a story about
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right now, nationals fans are gearing up for the first home playoff game. they take on the st. louis cardinals in game three. the team split the first two games in st. louis. the first pitch this afternoon is set for just after 1:00. we are following breaking news right now. police are investigating a body that was found earlier this morning. they responded to a call on the 1900 block of fen wick street. they found a woman's body at the scene. we'll update the story as details become available. new today, a warning about counterfeit air bags.
11:32 am
dozens of cars, trucks and suvs may have fake air bags and the owners may not even know. tony tull is live with more. this sounds really dangerous. >> reporter: yeah, we got shocking statistics at the press conference we were at a few minutes ago. an air bag is supposed to save your life. the counterfeit ones you mentioned sold on craigslist and ebay don't even deploy. barbara and keith, the immigration and custom enforcement say the majority were coming from overseas, but they will prosecute anybody
11:33 am
selling them here in the state. tony tull, news 4. >> definitely a problem that needs to get corrected. thanks. a mother of a newspaper reporter wants to know who killed her daughter. the chief medical examiners office ruled the death a homicide. the sheriff's county investigator said the 48-year-old died from a gunshot wound to the neck. firefighters found her body in july when her house caught fire. three months after her death, her mother still has questions. >> well, i was very surprised when i heard that because, obviously, it was a murder. because we didn't know that in the beginning. we knew she died. so, when you hear that, you can't -- i can't even process that. why would she know anyone so violent. >> she wrote for the winchester star newspaper. they are working to solve the
11:34 am
murder mystery. with four weeks until the -- eun yang has record breaking numbers. >> a high stakes game and now the most expensive ballot measure in the state's history. you have seen the ads for both sides. $3.6 million has been spent to sway voters. an opponent to the measure spent the most at $18 million and has more left to spend. mgm grand and other supporters spent more than $17.7 million to bring table games and a sixth casino to the state. that means question seven is already outpacing the most expensive governor's race that came in 2006 when mayor martin o'malley and the then governor spent $34 million. >> it's a lot of money.
11:35 am
let's check in with veronica johnson for the latest on the forecast. >> i'm outside now without the big coat or jacket. guys i have this 3/4 inch sleeve on. you want long sleeves or jackets, sweatshirts for the end of the game, if you are lucky enough to go. clouds now streaming through. at times mostly sunny today. at other times, we'll be partly sunny. one thing is for sure, the mercury will be higher than it's been the last couple days this week. the mornings have started out moisture laiden with mist and dew in the air. look at this beautiful misty flower sent in. there's another shot of that flower. if you are nature or weather images to get on the air, send them to me, follow me on twitter. i have weather, science technology and nature news available. we are in the 50s to 60s now. a big spread in gaithersburg to
11:36 am
66 degrees currently in d.c. here is a look at your afternoon. we hit a high today of 69 to 72 degrees. i'm looking for mild conditions today. then when this front moves through that's going to allow the winds to kick up late afternoon and evening, behind that front, it's going to get cold again. tomorrow morning, i'll be back on this weather deck with my coat on. barbara in. >> thank you. the price of gas could go up in montgomery county. rogerler lynn wants the ability to impose a county wide gas tax. the added revenue would fund transportation projects including the purple line. it comes after martin o mally's attempt to raise the gas tax. take a look. new meaning to the term driving in circles. one driver didn't know how to get around the logan traffic circle in the district. as you see here, he drives through the grass and on the sidewalk to get to rhode island
11:37 am
avenue. josh ritz captured this incident. someone called police. we don't know if officers were able to catch up to the driver. when i go to dupont circle, i keep driving until i find my way. you don't drive-through the thing. danella sealock, are people driving in circles as we speak? >> oh, man. still seeing accidents to report. the inner loop of the beltway, central avenue, have a crash in the right shoulder. possibly emergency response is blocking the right lane. let's head to the 14th street bridge. you might be trying to drive in circles to avoid this. not seeing any accidents, just a little bit of delays. your travel speeds, 395 northbound to the 14th street bridge, just under speed at 48 miles per hour. barbara, back to you. >> thank you.
11:38 am
♪ >> that's a scene from "fly" now on stage at the ford theater. it's based on the stories of the tuskegee airmen during world war ii. two of the star's productions are joining us. thank you for coming. we have been hearing great things about the play. tell us a little bit about the play and what your character is all about. >> the play "fly" is about the tuskegee airmen in world war ii. it goes through world war ii. my character is from chicago, a slick, fast talking young guy. >> and your character? >> i'm a subnarrator. this piece has many layers. there's four stories and one big story. i'm basically their emotions.
11:39 am
>> i see. so you don't play a pilot in the show, you are the narrator? >> sometimes i'm a pilot, sometimes a narrator or airman of one of the other officers in the play. it's very layered like shakespeare. >> there's been a movie about the tuskegee airmen. we have talked about them in the news. there's not that many left. did you learn anything about the tuskegee airmen you didn't know before you played in this? >> they were all very smart individuals and very tough human beings. most of them college graduates with ph.d.s. they were smart, intellectual people. they picked the cream of the crop to train. that's what i learned. >> did the show deal with prejudices they felt as black men? >> yes, there are different segments trying to get access to a bar, they are denied and racial discrimination in
11:40 am
training. it focuses on them coming together, forming this brotherhood, you know, we hit upon the racial things but we don't linger upon them. >> i see. you, as you say, tap your way through the whole show. give us a taste of what you do. >> there's a scene that says you never once suspected your own magnificence, the sun and clouds will confirm it for you. >> wow. where did you learn how to dance like that? >> i'm a new york city healer. tap dancer. >> fantastic. i understand eight of the original airmen are going to be or did attend the show. >> they came opening night. >> tell us about that. >> it was an amazing experience. it was scary.
11:41 am
they were in the front row with their red jackets. after the show, we got to talk to them and hang out with them. through all the reviews that came out, the reviews that mattered to me were from them. they gave their blessing and they immensely enjoyed the show. they felt it was one of the best portrayals of them they have seen. >> they must be in their 80s and 90s now. >> 80s and 90s. the director who is a fighter pilot from 332nd squadron is in his 90s, but very much alive and kicking, has his iphone. they are getting up there. they are special individuals. >> what has been the response of the d.c. audience to the show? >> audiences are getting bigger every night. they are more diverse than they have ever been. in this area, that's what we are told. everyone seems to be interested in "fly." >> it looks like a great show and there are layers of
11:42 am
entertainment. we learn a lot. good to see you tap dance. thank you for coming to talk to us. >> thank you. >> again, this is at ford theater and runs through when? >> october 21st. >> two more weeks left. >> wow. can you still get tickets? >> of course. please do. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. >> it's now 11:42. still ahead, the most common mental illnesses and why so many are going without treatment. plus, why a mother let her home get this messy and dirty and how her family reacted.
11:43 am
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whether you get them in your marinara sauce or add them to your sandwich, tomatoes could lower your risk of stroke. men who had the highest levels, an antioxidant found in tomatoes had fewer strokes. it can be reduced as much as 55%.
11:46 am
they are highest in cooked tomato products in sauces, purees. watermelon, pa pie ya and mango have it. stocks are lower. let's check in with julia. she's live with more on that and the business headlines. julia? >> good morning to you. stocks are falling today. the s&p 500 is down to the fourth straight session. concerns about slow global growth as well as the euro zone's debt crisis. u.s. employers advertise fewer jobs. it revised jobs openings lower. there was upside. employers hired 4.4 million people in august. positive news there. alcoa kicked off earnings season with earnings that beat expectations but shares are lower about 4% on the comments
11:47 am
he sees demand slowing in china and europe. toyota is recalling 7.4 million vehicles due to power window switches. high land ore and corolla with model years between 2005 and 2010. it is the biggest single recall since ford pulls back nearly 8 million vehicles back in 1996. no accidents are deaths reported as a result of the window problem. more americans are answering the call of all aboard on ma'am track. they have had the highest ridership ever during the last fiscal year. more than 31 million passengers, it's up 3.5% over the previous year. back to you. >> thank you. this is -- >> yes, it is. >> this is mental illness awareness week. 50 million americans experience mental health problems in a year. less than a third will seek
11:48 am
treatment. dr. joshua joins us with the most common and the treatment. is it accurate it's more and more or are we hypersensitive to this now? >> it depends. certain illnesses seem to be on the trend upwards. pervasive developmental disorder or autism, there's increases in that. in general, i think what's happening is there's increased awareness of these problems. take, for instance, the issue of social anxiety. there are a lot of people who suffer from social anxiety disorder. 25 years ago, they didn't have a label to define that problem. they were the aunts and uncles who wouldn't leave their houses, had a drink when they were social. always nervous in a social situation. now, we have a label for that and treatments for that. it's why more and more people are diagnosed with problems. >> with that being a specific issue, what are others? >> the most common mental health
11:49 am
is anxiety disorder, social anxiety, generalized anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder. the other thing are the substance abuse problems. 16% of the u.s. population has an active substance abuse problem whether it's alcohol or other druggings. you can see here, 2.6% of people have bipolar. adhd, 20% of women will suffer from depression, 10% of men. these are problems that affect almost everybody at some point in their lives, actually. they will meet criteria for one mental health disorder or another. >> i have to have my xanax, is that a cure? >> no. so, those are all just medications that can help treat anxiety. they do not cure anxiety. they control the symptoms of anxiety. with those medications, they are not typically the types of
11:50 am
medications you want somebody to be on long term. there are lots of dirty, nasty stuff that can happen when you take them for a prolonged period of time. >> is there an age group for people most at risk? >> the age they are at most risk is in their 20s. so, it's interesting. it's the time when people have their first episode of bipolar disorder for first psychotic break. i remember treating a woman years ago. she graduated valedictorian of your high school class, went off to college and had a break and was never the same. it's scary. you can do okay, then a major stress orr. >> i am forming what my life is going to be and they can't handle it? >> it's a combination of
11:51 am
vulnerab vulnerability. not everyone will get a health problem. if you combine the two, you have the predisposition, then a stressor of going to college, that can trigger changes in your biochemistry and cause you to develop these issues. >> i know you advise people to seek help. what can people do to decrease the risk of developing a mental health issue? >> i tell all my patients, there are three things that are incredibly important. one is diet. i think that people really need to try to make sure they are eating food that does not contain a lot of preservatives. they have been linked to things like adhd and other mood issues. the other thing is sleep. sleep is so critical. this cannot be overstated. i have had patients psychotic, out of touch with reality. i give them medicine to make
11:52 am
them sleep for a day or two. they come out of it and are back to themselves. people need to get more sleep. the third is exercise. people are not getting enough exercise. exercise has been linked to improved mental health with mood and anxiety. the fourth one is omega-3 fatty acids. people are going get it if they are eating more whole foods. doctor, thank you for providing remedies. >> thank you. >> thanks for stopping by. >> the time is 11:52. still to come, a mom's tough lesson to her kids. one they won't forget anytime soon. plus, veronica johnson is back with another check of the let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs
11:53 am
11:54 am
when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china, and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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a massachusetts may be cursing the attorney general for bad mouthing their ban on foul language. the town of middle borrow banned cursing. get caught in public and you are fined $20. they are keeping the town from enforcing it. she says it violates free
11:56 am
speech. the town says they were tired of hearing foul language from teens. what if you came home from a long day of work and decided not to clean up your family's mess they left behind? a canadian couple did that to teach their daughters a lesson. jessica and dylan realized most of the mess around the home belonged to their three young daughters. they simply wouldn't clean anything in the house, dishes, laundry, nothing. they couldn't tell their daughters about the strike, though. they blogged the mess and showed folks what it looked like. they waited six days until the kids couldn't take it anymore. >> it was a pig sty. there's milk everywhere. the cereal looked like oatmeal. there was like plates on top of plates. >> i felt kind of like shy. i saw all this mold around the kitchen and i didn't want it to
11:57 am
be messier. >> it was overwhelming. you didn't know where to start to clean it. >> her girls now pitch in a lot more around the house. she says she hopes this makes them more well rounded and responsible for their actions. i'm not sure i could have done it like that. >> they need to pitch in. >> let's take a look at the stories we are following this afternoon. pat lawson muse joins us in the news room with a preview of things to come. hey, pat. >> hey, barbara. >> d.c. has baseball fever, we know that. the nats take the field today. will they have what it takes to move closer to the world series? we'll have the latest at 4:00. does the presidential election have you revved up? how a gym is turning your passion for politics into a whole new workout. we'll check that out at 5:00. >> thank you. >> we have time for a check on the forecast. >> one more time. >> not too bad today.
11:58 am
into the 70s. a couple days before we are in the 70s. 69 to 73. the sunshine is coming and going. one thing is for sure, it's breezy out there. we drop to 55 by midnight. it's going to be cold to start the day tomorrow, 30s again. don't tease me when i wear that coat. >> i won't. it's large. that's all i'm saying. thanks for watching news 4 midday. be sure to tune into news 4 at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 for the days news. >> we'll be back tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. join us for that. until then, have
11:59 am
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